Dispatch Centre


postimg2Our world is constantly changing, and with it, your security needs. Metro Protective understands that on occasion your business will need additional security services. Our dispatch center, available to you 24/7, will coordinate all your security needs. From making extra rounds during peak production times to filling in for fire watch if your fire panel fails, Metro Protective is there when you need us. One phone call to our dispatch center will set the wheels in motion to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The central “hub” to security operations is the dispatch center. Our dispatch center operations, designed to meet the needs of our client, can assist callers in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

When calls are received, trained security dispatch personel obtain necessary information from the caller to provide an appropriate response. Dispatch is staffed round-the-clock to respond to in-coming calls for additional services, such as guard services, perimeter control services or emergency medical services.

Metro Protective operations will respond quickly and effectively to mitigate your security concerns.

 24/7  647-333-7911